Why This Surfing Dog May Be Better Than Any You’ve Seen
Ricochet is a surfing superstar who helps teach the disabled to hang ten, too.

In Memoriam of a Fallen Marine
A flag honoring a fallen marine is found during a garage sale and is returned to the marine’s mother.

The Case for Legalized Marijuana
The buzz behind legalizing pot is growing louder as the New York Times endorsed decriminalizing the drug.

Philly Cops Intensify Manhunt for Deadly Carjacking Suspects
Three children died when a hijacked car hit them as they stood on a street corner. Now Philadelphia is on the hunt for the driver.

Cease-Fire Doesn’t Bring an End to Gaza Combat
Both Israel and Hamas launched attacks during what was to be a reprieve in the fighting, and the death tolls from the weeks-long war continued to rise.

College Students Build Boy Bionic Arm
A Florida mom looking for a solution to aid her disabled son reaches out for help online to get him a bionic arm.

On the Front Lines of the Border War
Game wardens from Texas Parks and Wildlife patrol the shallowest stretches of the river trying to combat drug smugglers and human traffickers.

Intense Fighting Causes Evacuation of U.S. Embassy in Libya
Experts say the fighting is the worst violence they’ve seen since Libya’s revolution in 2011.

Towering Dust Storm Forms Over Phoenix
A large dust storm formed outside Phoenix, Arizona Friday afternoon and then began its slow approach toward downtown.

Drone Buzzes Around Seattle’s Space Needle
The breathtaking footage is just one of many recent videos captured by drones, which are seemingly popping up all over the country

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