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'Water Cops' Patrol California's Drought-Stricken Streets
The water police are hitting the streets in drought-stricken California.

Typhoon Matmo Slams Taiwan
A powerful typhoon hits Taiwan Wednesday, causing widespread damage with heavy winds.

How Much Hurricane Wind Can Homes Withstand?
With the possibility of a tropical depression forming into a hurricane in the Caribbean, there is renewed attention on how much wind homes can handle. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

Washington Battles Its Worst Wildfire in State History
A wildfire raging across Washington state has left one man dead and hundreds of homes destroyed.

Super Typhoon Floods China, Leaving Eight Dead
Eight people in China have died in the wake of super typhoon Rammasun, adding to the 77 who died in the Philippines after the storm washed through there.

Typhoon Rammasun Hits China, Kills One
The powerful storm killed 54 in the Philippines before it struck Hainan. It is headed towards Vietnam next.

Wildfires Prompt State of Emergency in Washington
Winds and dry conditions help fuel a wildfire that’s burned dozens of homes in Washington.

Firefighters Rescue Texas Woman from Floodwaters
Firefighters came to the aid of woman Thursday after her car stalled in high water in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Heavy Rains Saturate Texas Streets
Heavy rains have saturated the streets and caused creeks to overflow their banks in Abilene, Texas.

Super Typhoon Heads Toward China's Hainan Island
Waves could reach up to 43-feet high in northern parts of the South China Sea. Around 30,000 people were evacuated from low-lying coastal areas.

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