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Mid-April Freeze to Chill Millions as Far South as Louisiana

An unusual cold snap will have people as far south as Louisiana reaching for their winter coats Wednesday.A mass of cold air that saw temperatures in the Plains plummet below freezing Tuesday has now shifted east and will hang over a large area of the inland U.S.

Temperatures to Plummet Across Northeast

Get ready to dig out your winter weather gear once again as a cold weather front heads east.

Hey Scarecrow! Learn the Truth About Tornadoes

Debunker: This isn't the 'Wizard of Oz'; tornadoes are real, dangerous, and can happen anywhere. Protect yourself from these deadly storms by learning the truth about common tornado myths.

Does Video Show Tornado Touchdown?

A possible tornado touches down in Lovelady, Texas. Amanda Perez reports.

Apparent Tornado Rips Through Texas

Cell phone video captures the event near Lovelady, Texas on Sunday. KPRC’s Amanda Perez reports.

Storms Head East After Battering Midwest, South

A powerful weather system has spawned tornadoes, flash floods and hailstorms from Texas to Michigan. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

Severe Weather Threatens Nation's Midsection

Severe storms already have taken a toll in parts of Michigan; now the Mississippi Valley is next.

Climate Panel Says Emissions Rising, Avoids Blame

BERLIN — The U.N.'s expert panel on climate change on Sunday highlighted the disconnect between international goals to fight global warming and what is actually being done to attain them.

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The Week in Pictures: April 3 - 10

A bride relishes Ladies Day, elephant kisses for the New Year, the president's handshake thrills, Rwanda remembers, UConn sweeps NCAA & more

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